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Nikon miscellaneous devices

Summary:Interfaces with various devices from Nikon
Author:Nenad Amodaj (Z-drive), Nico Stuurman (TIRF shutter and IntensiLight)
Platforms:All (uses serial interface)
Devices:Z-drive, TIRF-Shutters, Intensilight shutter
Example Config File:

Each of these Nikon devices is a completely independent devices, so each of these devices will need to be controlled through their own serial port. Serial port settings are standard (but consult the manual to the device). AnswerTimeoutMs should be set to 2000 ms.

The Z-drive is an add-on 'cup' fitting on the Nikon manual focus drive. The TIRF shutter is the T-LUSU.

Funny thing about the IntensiLight shutter is that it closes much quicker when you put the unit sideways. The ND filters in the IntensiLight are supported as of Micro-Manager version 1.3.43. Make sure that the timeout for the serial port to the Intensilight is at least as long as the longest ND filter switch time (2500 msec or so).

--Nico 14:33, 25 August 2007 (PDT)

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