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National Instruments

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National Instruments ("NI100X") Adapter

Summary:Controls NI I/O boards through NI-DAQmx interface
Author:Nenad Amodaj, 100X Imaging Inc
License:LGPL License
Platforms:Windows only

This adapter implements Signal I/O micro-manager device, by using NI-DAQmx interface. The version of the NI-DAQmx library used to build this adapter is 9.2. Most (or all) of the newer NI boards should be compatible. NI software (drivers) must be installed. LabView is not required.

The IOChannel property required when adding the devices in the Hardware Configuration Wizard are values that look like "Dev1/AO0" or "Dev1/PFI0". You can get these from the National Instruments utility called "NI MAX" that comes with the DAQmx software (look for "Channel Name").

I'm not sure how digital out is supposed to work on all devices, but I found that, testing with a PCIe-6251, that the digital channels go high when the corresponding bit is high in the State property. Thus, for a digital output configured for "Dev1/PFI0", State = 0 is low and State = 1 (or any odd number) is high; however, when configured for "Dev1/PFI2", State = 4 (or any value whose bit 2 is 1) is high. You can use the State value "-1" (all bits high) to turn on digital channels without working out the correct bit mask. --Mark Tsuchida (talk) 09:36, 12 May 2014 (PDT)

Besides NI100X adapter this library contains a PI Z-stage driver that is internally linked to the analog output. For regular use of NI boards please disregard the Z-stage device and do not instantiate it in your setup even if you happen to have a PI stage attached. To use a PI stage refer to a standard PI adapter elsewhere in the micro-manager device list.

The only time that you would want to to use the PI stage driver from this library is for the 2-Photon microscope setup described in BIDC 2P Microscopy

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