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Summary: Interfaces with Andor MicroPoint pulse laser targeting device
Author: Arthur Edelstein
License: 3-clause BSD
Platforms: Windows (No Linux or Mac driver available)
Devices: MP-220*-EBD


USB Driver

Logitech webcams may conflict with the MicroPoint FTDI driver.

The MicroPoint controller contains it's own USB-Serial convertor. If this driver is already installed, nothing further needs to be done. Otherwise you must install the Andor MicroPoint driver to recognize the USB COM port in the Windows Device Manager. These are publicly available on MyAndor website under Drivers and 3rd Party > Driver: Micropoint. Yes, you have to register and login to download the file.

Device Configuration


The X and Y galvanometer range of the MicroPoint is often a subset of the the camera field of view; thus laser is targeted within a limited square area on the camera.

FIXME: Illustrate calibration process.

FIXME: Describe range limit and what happens when targeting outside the galvo range.

FIXME: Quick start guide to firing the laser "casually" and using it in experiments.


Development support

Please liaison with Micro-Manager developers to contact the Andor software team

Click here to search for MicroPoint on the Micro-Manager mailing list archive.

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