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Micro-Manager Version Archive

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Micro-Manager 1.4.16 (January 31, 2014)

Windows 32-bit, 50 MB
Windows 64-bit, 50 MB
Mac OS X (Universal Binary), 46 MB

Changes in 1.4.16 (since 1.4.15)

  • New in the main application
    • Optimize handling and display of images at high framerate and of large RGB images (Nico Stuurman, Henry Pinkard, Arthur Edelstein)
    • High-throughput acquisition pipeline (former "Fast Storage" in Tools > Options) is now always enabled
    • Display images using LUTs via popup menu in Contrast panel (Nico Stuurman)
    • Display time in hours and minutes for long acquisitions (Hadrien Mary, Mark Tsuchida)
    • Bugfixes for hardware-triggered sequence acquisition (Arthur Edelstein)
    • Improvements and bugfixes to OME metadata (Henry Pinkard)
    • Stage position list is now included in the summary metadata (InitialPositionList property) (Mark Tsuchida, Henry Pinkard)
    • Do not save corrupted image files on certain non-English version of Windows (e.g. Chinese) (Mark Tsuchida)
    • Lots of additional bugfixes (Nico Stuurman, Nenad Amodaj, Henry Pinkard, Mark Tsuchida)
  • New plugins
    • ASI diSPIM - Control the ASI iSPIM and diSPIM (Jon Daniels, ASI, and Nico Stuurman)
    • MultiChannelShading - Independent shading correction (flat-fielding) of multiple channels (Kurt Thorn)
  • Updated plugins
    • Data Browser: No longer missing on Windows
    • Localization Microscopy: Add support for MLE for fitting (Nico Stuurman, Arthur Edelstein)
    • Projector: Improve SLM support and calibration (Arthur Edelstein)
    • Live Replay: Bugfixes (Nico Stuurman)
    • Stage Control: Select Z axis, adapt to stage availability, display Z position (Nico Stuurman)
  • New device adapters
    • BiostepEagleIce - biostep EagleIce camera (Jens Gl√§ser, biostep GmbH)
    • Piezosystem_NV40_1, Piezosystem_NV40_3, and Piezosystem_NV120_1 (Chris Belter, piezosystem jena)
    • XLight - CrestOptics X-Light spinning disc confocal unit (Enzo Chiarappa, CrestOptics)
    • Zaber - Zaber ASR microscope stage (Nathan Dyer, Zaber Technologies)
  • New closed-source device adapters
    • OlympusIX83 (Arthur Edelstein; thanks to those who helped with testing)
  • Updated device adapters
    • ABS: Fix issue with USB 3.0 cameras (ABS GmbH Jena)
    • AndorSDK3: Support for AOIs larger than sensor size; Add timeout property for external trigger (Norman Glasgow, Andor Technology)
    • Arduino: Bigfix for Blanking setting (Nico Stuurman, Mark Tsuchida)
    • ASITiger: Lots of bugfixes and new functionality (Jon Daniels, ASI)
    • GigECamera: Use JAI SDK 1.4.1; some bugfixes (Mark Tsuchida)
    • IDS_uEye: Fix pixel clock, framerate, and exposure settings (Wenjamin Rosenfeld)
    • Ludl: Support 10-position filter wheels (Nico Stuurman)
    • LumencorSpectra: Bugfixes (Mark Tsuchida)
    • MCCDAQ: Fix DAC channels 5-7, allow to use with DAShutter (Mark Tsuchida)
    • MoticCamera: Support 16-bit and 48-bit images (Jin Chen, Motic)
    • PCO_Generic: Improve support for pco.edge, color image transfer; add support for white balancing, double shutter, IR mode, and Sensicam gain setting (Franz Reitner, PCO AG)
    • PI_GCS_2: Improve communication latency; fix issue with C-867.262 (Richard Montbrun and Steffen Rau, Physik Instrumente)
    • Prior: Add speed and acceleration control for Z (Korbinian Kapsner)
    • PVCAM: Fix bug that prevented shutter from closing after acquisition; Bugfixes for ROI of binned images and other issues (Lubomir Walder, Photometrics)
    • Rapp: User no longer needs to install DLLs
    • ScopeLED: Lots of improvements; simplify properties (Ryan Clark, DiCon/ScopeLED)
    • SpectralLMM5: Support USB (HID) on Windows (Mark Tsuchida)
    • ThorlabsUSBCamera: Improve exposure setting handling (Nenad Amodaj)
    • TISCam: Add support for Y16 and RGB24 mode (Falk Dettmar)
    • XCite120PC_Exacte: Fix communication issues (Lon Chu, Mission Bay Imaging for Lumen Dynamics)
    • ZeissCAN: Enable control of XY stage via MCU 28 directly connected to computer (Mark Tsuchida)
    • ZeissCAN29: Add support for reflected light switcher and external lamp mirror (Nico Stuurman)
  • Updated closed-source device adapters
    • ESImagingIOController: Fix sporadic errors in shutter (Ed Simmons)
    • HamamatsuHam: Bugfixes and enhancements (Patrick Gregorio, Hamamatsu Photonics)
    • NikonTI: Robustify PFS single-focus cycle (Mark Tsuchida)
    • RaptorEPIX: Support for Kingfisher cameras (David Biggs, Raptor Photonics)
  • Changes of interest to developers
    • Uncaught Java exceptions in threads and event handlers are now logged (Mark Tsuchida)
    • Better support for SLM devices, including triggering (Arthur Edelstein)
    • AddAvailableDeviceName() is deprecated; use RegisterDevice() instead (Mark Tsuchida)
    • On Windows, C++ components are now built with Visual Studio 2010 SP 1 (Mark Tsuchida)
    • Visual Studio projects now use common property sheet files (Mark Tsuchida)
    • On Windows, device adapters link to MMDevice static library rather than including source (Mark Tsuchida)
    • On Windows, Structured Exception Handling is disabled in all C++ components (Mark Tsuchida)
    • Acquisition scripting API refactoring (Nenad Amodaj)

Micro-Manager 1.4.15 (September 23, 2013)

Windows 32-bit, 50 MB
Windows 64-bit, 50 MB
Mac OS X (Universal Binary), 46 MB

New in 1.4.15

  • New in the Main Application
    • High speed acquisition implemented, to allow up to 1.1 GB/s acquisition, with storage to RAM or to (high-speed) disk (Arthur Edelstein)
    • New High Content Screen plugin added (Nenad Amodaj)
    • MLE fitting and subranging features added to Localization Microscopy plugin (Nico Stuurman, Arthur Edelstein)
    • Tile Creator improved to allow centering of a grid at the current location (Brian Teague)
    • Histogram improved to include display of current display min and max (Henry Pinkard)
    • Bugs fixed in main application, acquisition engine, Slide Explorer (1), Image Flipper, Live Replay, Multi Camera, and Stage Control plugins
  • New Device Adapters
    • ASITiger - ASI TG-1000 "Tiger" Controller (Jon Daniels, ASI)
    • FLICamera - Finger Lakes Instrumentation cameras (Jim Moronski, FLI)
    • IDS_uEye - IDS uEye USB cameras (also Thorlabs DCUxxxx, Edmund EO-xxxxM) (Wenjamin Rosenfeld)
    • MCCDAQ - Measurement Computing PCI-DDA08/16 (Matthew Bakalar)
    • Okolab - Okolab Microscope Incubators (Marco Di Pasqua, Okolab)
    • Oxxius - Oxxius Laser Controller (Julien Beaurepaire, Oxxius)
    • Piezosystem_30DV50 - piezosystem jena 30DV50 digital controller (Chris Belter, piezosystem jena)
    • Piezosystem_dDrive - piezosystem jena d-Drive digital controller (Chris Belter, piezosystem jena)
    • Standa - Standa Microstep stepper motor driver (Clarence Leung)
    • HIDManager - serial interface to USB Human Interface Devices (Nico Stuurman)
  • New Closed-Source Device Adapters
    • SigmaKoki - Sigma Koki stages and shutters (Hiroki Kibata, Sigma Koki)
  • Updated Device Adapters
    • ABS: Update to new API with improved 64-bit support (ABS Jena)
    • Andor: Fix pre-amp gain display; support centralized crop mode on iXon Ultra; add Region of Interest property; fix Output Amplifier setting behavior when Frame Transfer is enabled (Matthew Milford, Andor)
    • AndorLaserCombiner: Add Enable property to allow independent control of power and on/off (Pariksheet Nanda)
    • AndorSDK3: Add Frame Rate Control property; Optimize for speed; Add read-only informational properties; Support hardware timestamp from camera; Support multiple cameras; Fix binning-related bug; Improve ROI support (Norman Glasgow, Andor)
    • ASIStage: Allow triggered Z stage to ignore initial pulses (Arthur Edelstein); Fix axis identity and CRISP axis setting; Improve support for Z stage ring buffer (Nico Stuurman)
    • BaumerOptronic: Fixed bug causing acquisition to start before shutter opens (Mark Tsuchida)
    • Cobolt: Add shutter and power control (Alexis Maizel)
    • DemoCamera: UseSequences property for CDemoStage
    • GigECamera: Fix bug in binning setting; Add acquisition mode property (Heng Xu); Fix issue with short exposure snaps (Mark Tsuchida)
    • GPhoto: Minor updates (Koen De Vleeschauwer); Add to OS X build (Nico Stuurman)
    • LeicaDMI: Fix issues related to 0-step movement of stage and TL polarizer; Add delay setting for halogen lamp (Brian Teague); Support for FastFilterWheel (Arthur Edelstein)
    • LumencorSpectra: Fix State property (Louis Ashford, Lumencor); Make LightEngine selection a pre-init property; Allow switching individual colors independently of shutter state; Improve default settings (Nico Stuurman)
    • MCL_MicroDrive: Support stages without encoders (Arthur Edelstein)
    • OpenCVgrabber: Add OS X version; Add camera selection (Nico Stuurman)
    • PCO_Generic: Support for 64-bit; Noise filter mode for pco.edge; Support multiple cameras; Bug fixes (Franz Reitner, PCO AG)
    • PVCAM: Support microsecond exposure resolution for Photometrics cameras; Fixed an issue with some properties; Add support for additional metadata from the camera (Windows); Add support for callback acquisition (optimized for high-speed acquisition) (Windows); PVCAM 2.9.5 is now required on Windows (Lubomir Walder and Andrej Bencur, Photometrics)
    • QCam: Support multiple cameras (Mark Tsuchida)
    • ScopeLED: Add ActivePresetMode property (Ryan Clark, DiCon Lighting)
    • SerialManager: Fix binary message logging in CoreLog (Mark Tsuchida)
    • SpectralLMM5: Add support for USB HID ports; Add per-line switching (Nico Stuurman)
    • ThorlabsDCxxxx: Add DC4104 device (Korbinian Kapsner)
    • ThorlabsUSBCamera: Remove duplicate exposure property (Mark Tsuchida); Support for 8 and 16 bit mode, high frame rates with USB3, FPS property, color mode, binning, metadata (Nenad Amodaj)
    • TISCam: No longer need to manually install DLLs from vendor
    • TSI (Thorlabs Scientific Imaging): Add Gain property (Nenad Amodaj)
    • TwainCamera: Handle legacy devices better (Erich Hoover)
    • Utilities: New DAMonochromator device (Ed Simmons); Bugfixes for MultiCamera (Nico Stuurman, Arthur Edelstein)
    • VariLC: Add device detection support; Add Palette support; Add properties for active and total LCs; Display device version number (Amitabh Verma and Grant Harris)
    • Vortran: New device: VersaLase (David Sweeney, Vortran Laser Technology)
    • ZeissCAN29: Fix a crash related to condenser contrast setting (Nico Stuurman)
  • Updated Closed-Source Device Adapters
    • AxioCam: Add support for AxioCam MRc5 (Henry Pinkard); Fix bugs causing crashes (Mark Tsuchida)
    • ESImagingIOControllers: New sequence storage method, stimulus mode (requires new controller firmware) (Ed Simmons)
    • HamamatsuHam: Updates, enhancements, and bugfixes (Patrick Gregorio, Hamamatsu)
    • Micropix: Support multiple instances of the device (Ed Simmons)
    • NikonTI: A near-complete rewrite to improve stability and provide better diagnostics and logging for errors; Installers for up-to-date Nikon driver software (not in the Micro-Manager installer; please see the MM wiki page for NikonTI) (Mark Tsuchida)
    • Olympus: Bugfixes (Arthur Edelstein)
  • Changes Relevant to Developers Only
    • Logging of user interface activity added (Arthur Edelstein)
    • Dependencies in acquisition engine on Micro-Manager gui instance removed (Arthur Edelstein)
    • New build scripts for Windows (Mark Tsuchida)
    • Clean up usage of default sequence acquisition implementation in CCameraBase (Nenad Amodaj)
    • Slightly improve CoreLog format (Mark Tsuchida)
    • Prevent some spurious errors in CoreLog (Nico Stuurman)
    • Prevent mmgr_dal_X.Y from being recognized as a device adapter on Windows, where Y is not "dll"

Micro-Manager 1.4.14 (March 20, 2013)

Windows 32-bit, 46 MB
Windows 64-bit, 45 MB
Mac OS X (Universal Binary), 49 MB

Micro-Manager 1.4.13 (November 30, 2012)

Windows 32-bit, 45 MB
Windows 64-bit, 45 MB
Mac OS X (Universal Binary), 48 MB

Micro-Manager 1.4.12 (November 17, 2012)

Windows 32-bit, 45 MB
Windows 64-bit, 45 MB
Mac OS X (Universal Binary), 48 MB

New in 1.4.12

  • Bug fix:
    • Micro-Manager exits properly now
  • New device adapter:
    • SutterMPC Multi-Manipulator controller (David Biggs)

Micro-Manager 1.4.11 (November 8, 2012)

Windows 32-bit, 45 MB
Windows 64-bit, 45 MB
Mac OS X (Universal Binary), 48 MB

New in 1.4.11

  • New Features:
    • Improved multicamera support
    • Single-file, multi-image OME TIFF output format (Henry Pinkard)
    • On-the-fly image processing plugin framework (TaggedImagePipeline)
    • Major improvements to Hardware Configuration Wizard (Nenad Amodaj)
  • Plugins:
    • DLLAutoReloader plugin (automatically reloads device adapters)
    • Projector plugin enhancement: support for Rapp UGA40 galvo device
  • New device support:
    • Andor Neo and Zyla cameras (AndorSDK3), David Gault, Norman Glasgow)
    • LeicaDMSTC XY Stage (G. Esteban Fernandez)
    • LumencorCIA (Louis Ashford)
    • MoticMicroscope
    • Rapp UGA40 Galvo frap device
    • RaptorEPIX camera (David Biggs)
    • TOFRA components (Ilya Ravkin)
    • Zeiss AxioCam (Henry Pinkard)

Micro-Manager 1.4.10 (April 19, 2012)

Windows 32-bit, 40 MB
Windows 64-bit, 39 MB
Mac OS X (Universal Binary), 47 MB

New in 1.4.10

  • Numerous bug fixes in image display and contrast panels
  • Open Micro-Manager data sets either into memory (RAM) or as virtual stacks.
  • New Device Adapters:
    • Mightex_BLS
    • Till iMic
    • Till Polychrome V
  • Improved HamamatsuHam adapter, supports the Flash4.0

Micro-Manager 1.4.9 (March 22, 2012)

Windows 32-bit, 40 MB
Windows 64-bit, 39 MB
Mac OS X (Universal Binary), 47 MB

New in 1.4.9

  • Brought back missing Andor DLLs
  • Fixed problem of starting MDA during live mode
  • Upgraded java to latest version -- 1.6.0_31

Micro-Manager 1.4.8 (March 21, 2012)

Windows 32-bit, 40 MB
Windows 64-bit, 39 MB
Mac OS X (Universal Binary), 47 MB

New in 1.4.8

  • Substantially improved display performance
  • Improved support for color cameras and multiple cameras
  • Improved contrast panels
  • A large number of bug fixes
  • A new Gaussian fitter plugin that lets you fit and track diffraction limited spots
  • Support for a new (beta) device type: Galvos (for phototargeting; currently the Rapp UGA40).
  • New devices, including:
    • Aladdin pump (Kurt Thorn)
    • Lumencor Spectra (Louis Ashford)
    • Micropix Cameras (Ed Simmons)
    • Mightex (Yihui Wu)
    • Motic Cameras
    • MP285 (Sutter Instruments, Mission Bay Imaging)
    • NPointC400 (Mission Bay Imaging)
    • Omicron (Jan-Erik Herche, Ralf Schlotter)
    • VariLC (Rudolf Oldenbourg, MBL)
    • Ximea Cameras (Marian Zajko)

Micro-Manager 1.4.7 (November 17, 2011)

Windows 32-bit, 39 MB
Windows 64-bit, 37 MB
Mac OS X (Universal Binary), 39 MB

New in 1.4.7

  • Support for multiple cameras (see Utilities->Multi-camera adapter)
  • Improved color camera live and snap
  • Many bug fixes to multi-dimensional acquisition
  • Added option to provide custom time intervals in MDA
  • New/Improved device support:
    • OpenCVGrabber (Ed Simmons)
    • New PI GCS adapter (Stephen Rau)
    • Improved Thorlabs DCxxxx (Olf Wohlmann)
    • PCO adapter now supports new CMOS cameras (Franz Reitner)
    • Support for nPoint stages (Mission Bay Imaging)
    • XCite LED (Mission Bay Imaging)
    • Thorlabs piezo stage (Nenad Amodaj)
    • Updated ABS Camera (now also 64-bit, Heiko Baumann)
    • ASI CRISP support, including plugin (Nico Stuurman)

Micro-Manager 1.4.6 (September 2, 2011)

Windows 32-bit, 17 MB
Windows 64-bit, 35 MB
Mac OS X (Universal Binary), 39 MB

New in 1.4.6

  • Hardware triggering integrated with Multi-Dimensional Acquisition
  • New device support:
    • Scientifica stages (Mathew Player)
    • Andor3 (supports new Neos camera)
    • CARV II spinning disk confocal
    • MCU28 (Zeiss CAN XY stage - Nenad Amodaj)
  • Pluggable display API (ImageCacheListener)
  • Split View Plugin restored to 1.4
  • Clojure Editor Plugin
  • Fixes to ZeissCAN29
  • Changes in Hardware Configuration Wizard

Micro-Manager 1.4.5 (June 13, 2011)

Windows 32-bit, 17 MB
Windows 64-bit, 35 MB
Mac OS X (Universal Binary), 31 MB

Micro-Manager 1.4.4 BETA (April 7, 2011)

Windows 32-bit, 17 MB
Windows 64-bit, 34 MB
Mac OS X (Universal Binary), 31 MB

New in 1.4.4

  • Thorlabs BD102 stage (Nenad Amodaj)
  • Well plate plugin (Big.jar, Karl Bellve)
  • New libusb drivers for K8055
  • Script interface to add runnables in acquisition engine
  • SimpleCam module with GPhoto support
  • Enhanced Contrast Panels (ignore outliers)
  • Saving and display on separate threads
  • Leica AFC (Hardware Autofocus) (mostly working)
  • Numerous bug fixes

Micro-Manager 1.4.2 BETA (March 2, 2011)

Windows 32-bit, 17 MB
Windows 64-bit, 34 MB
Mac OS X (Universal Binary), 31 MB

Micro-Manager 1.4.0 BETA (February 28, 2011)

- Windows 32-bit, 17 MB
- Windows 64-bit, 34 MB
- Mac OS X (Universal Binary), 31 MB

New in 1.4

  • Windows native 64-bit support (most devices are supported)
  • Support for multiple cameras (see Utilities->Multi-camera adapter)
  • Improved color camera live and snap
  • Hardware triggering integrated with Multi-Dimensional Acquisition
  • Enhanced Contrast Panels (ignore outliers)
  • Saving and display on separate threads
  • A new multi-dimensional acquisition engine (under the hood), including
    • a smart sequencer that uses burst acquisition whenever possible
    • an image pipeline allowing plugins to process images on the fly
    • a flexible metadata system for programmers
    • option to provide custom time intervals in MDA
  • Close integration with ImageJ hyperstacks
    • four "dimension sliders": channels, slices, frames, positions
    • display of RAM- or disk-based image sets during or after acquisition, including disk-based image sets larger than available RAM
  • An image display control panel (in the main window) that lets you
    • easily adjust contrast for each channel
    • add a scale bar
    • view metadata and add comments for image sets and individual image planes
  • Simplified hardware configuration, including auto-detection and auto-setup of a number of serial devices.
  • Data Browser plugin for quickly browsing through Micro-Manager data sets
  • Well plate plugin (Big.jar, Karl Bellve)
  • Clojure Editor Plugin
  • Script interface to add runnables in acquisition engine
  • Pluggable display API (ImageCacheListener)
  • Automated bug reports, available in Help > Report Problem
  • New/Improved device support:
    • New PI GCS adapter (Stephen Rau)
    • Improved Thorlabs DCxxxx (Olf Wohlmann)
    • PCO adapter now supports new CMOS cameras (Franz Reitner)
    • Support for nPoint stages (Mission Bay Imaging)
    • XCite LED (Mission Bay Imaging)
    • Thorlabs piezo stage (Nenad Amodaj)
    • Updated ABS Camera (now also 64-bit, Heiko Baumann)
    • ASI CRISP support, including plugin (Nico Stuurman)
    • Scientifica stages (Mathew Player)
    • Hamamatsu support by Hamamatsu (Patrick Gregorio), works with Flash 4.0
    • Fixes to ZeissCAN29
    • Thorlabs BD102 stage (Nenad Amodaj)
    • Thorlabs Scientific Imaging (TSI) Camera
    • AndorSDK3 (supports new Neo camera)
    • CARV II spinning disk confocal
    • MCU28 (Zeiss CAN XY stage - Nenad Amodaj)
    • Coherent Sapphire Laser (Karl Hoover and Paul Wiggins)
    • GigECamera (David Marshburn, UNC-CH)
    • Mac support for SPOT (Erwin Frise)
    • SimpleCam module with GPhoto support
    • Leica AFC (Hardware Autofocus)
    • New libusb drivers for K8055
    • Meiji Techno EMZ focus stage (Koen De Vleeschauwer)
    • Tethered Cameras (Canon and Nikon) (Koen De Vleeschauwer)
    • X-Cite 120PC Exacte (Mission Bay Imaging)
    • Image Processor Chain - provides sequencing of C++-based image processors in the Micro-Manager core
Burst acquisition (formerly a separate utility in 1.3) has been merged with multi-dimensional acquisition -- if you want to do a burst, simply select "Time Points" only and set the time interval to 0.

Micro-Manager 1.3

Micro-Manager 1.3.49 (June 13, 2011)

- 32 bit Windows XP, Windows 7, 14 MB
- Mac OS X (Universal Binary), 34 MB
- Debian/Ubuntu Linux

New in 1.3.49 (a minor update):

  • Bug fixes in:
    • The Imaging Source Camera
    • Sutter DG4 filter wheel
    • PCO Camera
    • ABS Camera
  • Thorlabs BBD102 xy stage

- Previous releases

Micro-Manager 1.3.48 (March 2, 2011)

- 32 bit Windows XP, Windows 7, 13 MB
- Mac OS X (Universal Binary), 34 MB
- Debian/Ubuntu Linux

  • New devices:
    • No Name Laser Combiner
    • XCiteExacte Fluorescence Microscopy Illumination system - thanks to Mission Bay Imaging
    • Meiji Techno EMZ focus stage - thanks to Koen De Vleeschauwer
    • Tethered Camera adapter for Canon and Nikon cameras - thanks to Koen De Vleeschauwer
      (uses DSLRRemote, NKRemote, or PSRemote libraries)
    • GigECamera - thanks to David Marshburn
    • Coherent Sapphire Laser
  • Device Adapter bug fixes and improvements
    • Princeton Instruments camera
      • correct handling of output ports
    • Spot Camera
      • unified code should be running on Windows and OS X
    • Sutter Lambda
      • some patches for various communication glitches on Lambda 10-2 and Lamdba SC
    • DemoCamera and others
      • cleanup of superfluous references to boost libraries.
    • Andor Camera
      • support for iXon features such as: count convert, optacquire, various filters
      • support for isolated crop mode
      • fix bug in binning
    • SimpleAutofocus
      • fix a problem where the adapter would crash if selected as a 'synchronized' device.
      • performance improvement in median filter algorithm
      • fix a compile problem only appearing on Linux g++
    • NikonTI
      • more patches
    • DTOpenLayer
      • improve handling of voltage ranges
    • Yokogawa CSUX
      • ensure CSUX hub supports the brightfield port before creating bright field property
    • Scion
      • revert to adapter from about February 2010
    • PCO Camera
      • add OnEMLeftROI property
      • add skip frame support
  • Bug fixes in core & acquisition:
      • correct numbering of columns
      • only add Z to meta data if it's in use,
      • write column and row into metadata.
    • - fix a problem where Autofocus was not restored after the acquisition
    • MMCore.cpp - fix a problem where one mis-communicating device prevents user from correcting the hardware configuration.

Micro-Manager 1.3.47 (November 1, 2010)

- Windows XP, 13 MB
- Mac OS X (Universal Binary), 34 MB
- Debian/Ubuntu Linux

  • New devices:
    • Agilent Laser Combiner
    • Lumen Dynamics (Exfo) X-Cite 120PC
    • Olympus MT20 (Michael Mitchell, EMBL)
    • Pololu Maestro Servo Controller
  • Several bug fixes and improvements in device code:
    • Andor camera
    • Leica camera
    • Mad City Labs motion controller
    • NikonTI microscope
    • Olympus microscope
    • PCO camera
    • Photometrics camera
    • QImaging camera
    • Scion camera
    • Serial adapter
    • Spot camera
    • SutterLambda controller
    • TheImagingSource camera
  • Bug fixes in the user interface:
    • Contrast Panel
    • Multi-dimensional acquision
    • Slide Explorer Plugin

Version 1.3 of Micro-Manager has stabilized: further changes to 1.3 will be limited to bug fixes.
New features in Micro-Manager will be introduced in version 1.4.

Micro-Manager 1.3.43 (December 23, 2009)

- Windows XP, 9 MB
- Mac OS X(Universal Binary), 34 MB

  • Newly supported devices
    • SLM/Projector support
    • Andor Laser Combiner (not yet tested!)
    • Prior NanoScanZ
  • Improved Device Support
    • Nikon Eclipse Ti microscope now works with latest driver 2.0.2 from Nikon
    • Nikon Eclipse Ti microscope: user can now select Speed and Tolerance of stage axes
    • Nikon IntensiLight Neutral Density filters
    • DemoCam now supports color image generation
    • Update to Photometrics / Roper Scientific libraries (thanks to Photometrics)
    • Fix image freezing problem seen with Hamamatsu cameras
    • Improved Support for QImaging QCam (thanks to Jeff Kuhn)
    • Improved Support for Apogee Cameras (thanks to Bob Dougherty)
    • Zeiss Definite Focus improvements
  • Configuration & GUI & Log Level
    • Improved Plugin Mechanism
    • More informative error messages, better exception handling
    • Device Properties will now be nicely sorted in drop downs
    • Fixed a problem with saving current configuration when specifying a file name
    • Image Gamma slider control
    • Improved stability of Live Mode
    • Multi-D acquisition: Added per-channel skip Z-stack option
  • Build Projects & Procedures
    • OS X packages are now Universal (PPC, x86, x64) and can be run as 64-bit applications
    • The Windows Project files now use relative paths
    • Software is built daily for both Windows and OS X
    • Boost libraries are now used for logging, Posix time, and Thread ID functions

Previous releases

Micro-Manager 1.3.41 beta, (October 12, 2009)

- Windows XP, 9 MB
- Mac OS X(Intel), 18 MB

  • New supported devices
    • Scion cameras (Douglas Remsberg, Scion)
    • Diagnostic SPOT cameras (Windows, Mac)
    • TWAIN cameras (operational on Leica cameras)
    • Leica DM6000 microscope
    • Thorlabs DCxxxx LED controllers
    • Thorlabs Filterwheel
    • Coherent Cube
    • Neos AOTF
  • A new python wrapper for the Micro-Manager core
  • Fixes to keyboard shortcuts
  • Live display of average and standard deviation of images
  • Re-orderable positions lists
  • Many fixed bugs

Micro-Manager 1.3.40 beta, (July 21, 2009)

- Windows XP, 8 MB
- Mac OS X(Intel), 17 MB
- Mac OS X(PPC), 16MB)

  • Major upgrade to autofocus system
    • New integrated user interface for hardware and image-based autofocus
    • Support for Nikon Perfect Focus, Zeiss Definite Focus, Olympus ZDC, ASI CRIFF
    • Image-based autofocus plugins
    • New API to write your own autofocusing algorithm in Java or C++
  • Zeiss Colibri illuminator
  • Olympus BX61 support (by Shalin Mehta, National University of Singapore)
  • Andor linux patches (by Karl Bellve, UMass)
  • Thorlabs SC10
  • Improvements to configuration editing
  • Re-vamped gui for Multi-Dimensional Acquisition
  • Mouse-scroll-wheel works in scripting panel
  • NikonTI TIRF attachment support
  • Leica DMR microscope support

Micro-Manager 1.3.39 beta, (May 15, 2009)

- Windows XP, 8 MB
- Mac OS X(Intel), 16 MB

  • Fixed build bugs
  • Drag stage with hand tool
  • New Mad City Stage versions
  • Improved registration dialog
  • Float property value bug fixed
  • Position list made editable
  • Andor camera freezing snap bug fixed
  • MF Shutter issues fixed

Micro-Manager 1.3.38 beta, (April 29, 2009)

- Windows XP, 8 MB
- Mac OS X(Intel), 16 MB
- Debian package (maintained by Johan Henriksson)

  • New image-based autofocus (Contribued by 100x Imaging)
  • Extensive fixes to various PVCAM adapter bugs
  • Linux patches by Johan Henriksson and Karl Bellve
  • Improved code logging
  • Andor properties problem fixed
  • Image5D to hyperstack conversion improved
  • Adapters for NI, PI, and Thorlabs by Brian Ashcroft
  • Core API changes for multiple cameras

Micro-Manager 1.3.37 beta, (April 9, 2009)

- Windows XP, 8 MB
- Mac OS X(Intel), 16 MB

  • Fixed mouse moving the stage in live mode
  • Physical ROI now visible in Image5D Snap
  • Multi-D Acquisition settings a restored after a Multi-D run
  • Fixed z-offset problem with Multi-D Acq
  • Beanshell scripts for unit testing of device adapters
  • Fixed sensicam binning problem (Franz)
  • Metadata viewer now saves contrast and colors
  • Image5D window now acquires a name when saved
  • Improved Multi-D Acquisition gui logic

Micro-Manager 1.3.36 beta, (April 3, 2009)

- Windows XP, 8 MB
- Mac OS X(Intel), 16 MB

  • Olympus focusing (z stage) bug fixed
  • QCam Mac live mode hanging bug fixed
  • Fixed memory leaks in Multi-D Acquisition
  • Pixel size calibration fixed to propagate from Multi-D Acquisition
  • Quantix Photometrics Error 22 bug corrected
  • Introduced new global script methods: doc(), inspect(), update()
  • ASI Well Plate Transfer Robot adapter added
  • Internationalization bug fix
  • Histogram scaling restored

Micro-Manager 1.3.34 beta, (March 18, 2009)

- Windows XP, 5.4 MB

  • PrecisExcite bug fix

Micro-Manager 1.3.33 beta, (March 16, 2009)

- Windows XP, 5.4 MB
- Mac OS X(Intel), 14.9 MB

  • PrecisExcite adapter
  • Made OS X 10.4 compatible again

Micro-Manager 1.3.32 beta, (March 13, 2009)

- Mac OS X(Intel), 14.9 MB

Micro-Manager 1.3.31 beta, (March 11, 2009)

- Windows XP, 5.4 MB
- Mac OS X(PPC), 26 MB

Micro-Manager 1.3.30 beta, (March 4, 2009)

- Windows XP, 5.4 MB
- Mac OS X(Intel), 14.9 MB

Bugs are seen in some PVCAM cameras in this release:

  • Auto shutter fails to stay open during exposure
  • Burst mode sometimes stops unexpectedly

Bug fixes in this release:

  • Andor adapter: fixes to make Luca R work
  • PCO adapter: fixed bug in binning (Franz)
  • Olympus adapter: various bug fixes
  • Leica: added control for Halogen Lamp (Prashanth, 100xImaging)
  • PVCAM: various bug fixes (various authors)

Micro-Manager 1.3.24 beta, (February 24, 2009)

- Mac OS X(Intel), 14.9 MB

  • Corrected driver complement

Micro-Manager 1.3.23 beta, (February 17, 2009)

- Windows XP, 5.4 MB

Micro-Manager 1.3.22 beta, (February 13, 2009)

- Mac OS X(Intel), 14.1 MB (Missing drivers; do not use!)
- Mac OS X(PPC), 26 MB

This new release includes:

  • Faster live mode (using camera sequence mode, in collaboration with 100XImaging)
  • New Micro-Manager plugin mechanism (provided by 100XImaging)
  • Keratocyte Tracker plugin (provided by 100XImaging)
  • New "Acquire" button collects series of still images with metadata
  • Keyboard commands to move stages
  • New autofocussing mechanism (provided by 100XImaging)
  • Improved Script Panel (new interactive Beanshell interpreter)
  • Extensions to the scripting interface
  • Many minor bugfixes in all parts of the application
  • New Devices:
  • Device updates:
    • Andor added external triggers and updated support for new cameras
    • Nikon TE2000 added filter wheel (100X Imaging)
    • Moved DAZStage, DAShutter and MultiShutter into adapter Utilities
    • Added StateDeviceShutter (in Utilities) that enables using a filter wheel as a shutter

Even earlier releases

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