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IntelliJ with GitHub

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Install Community Edition of IntelliJ
Install the latest Micromanager 2.0 nightly

The location of where you have micromanager 2.0 Gamma installed will be used for Working directory further down and for including the location of ij.jar.

Install Adopt OpenJDK 8
Fork Micromanager 2.0 Repository into your own GitHub Account and name it.
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From IntelliJ menu, select New -> Project from Version Control.

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Select the new github repository that was forked earlier

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Right click on your projects name, and select Open Module Settings

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Add ImageJ ij.jar and other jars from Micromanager's install directory

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Create a new Run/Debug Configuration

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Select an Application Template, and then the + Sign
Main Class: ij.ImageJ
VM Options: -Xmx3000M -Dforce.annotation.index=true
Working directory: C:\Program Files\Micro-Manager-2.0gamma
JRE: 1.8

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