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Getting Started

You need to log in (link at top right) to edit Micro-Manager pages.

To learn wiki markup, refer to the official MediaWiki documentation.


Use templates where possible
Here is the list of all templates. This list can be generated by going to Special pages > All Pages > Namespace=Template > Go
Avoid First Person
As the wiki is a community effort, and the content pages are informational, there should be no mention of "I" or "we". Articles should be written in third person, as reported fact. The user can be addressed as "you" where appropriate, but third person and passive voice are preferred, as they sound more professional and objective.
Create a new page
Enter the title of the page you wish to create in the search box. There will be a red link you can follow to create this page.
Copy formatting
To imitate the layout of page you like, edit that page, and copy the markup code you need. Cancel editing after copying.

Keyboard shortcuts

With Google Chrome, the shortcuts are available using just Alt+<key> instead of Ctrl+Alt+<key>
Action Shortcut Notes
Edit Ctrl+Alt+e Doesn't work in Google Chrome as this opens the wrench menu.
Preview Ctrl+Alt+p
Cancel Ctrl+Alt+c
Save Page Ctrl+Alt+s
Show Changes Ctrl+Alt+v It is not Ctrl+Alt+C!
History Ctrl+Alt+h
Main Page Ctrl+Alt+z

For all keyboard shortcuts, see the official MediaWiki documentation

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