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HamamatsuHam device adapter

Summary:Interfaces with Hamamatsu cameras
Author:Patrick Gregorio (Hamamatsu)
License:Source code cannot be made available
Platforms:Windows (see Hamamatsu for Mac OS X)
Devices:Hamamatsu DCAM compatible cameras
Formerly (up to Micro-Manager 1.4.16) there was a legacy Hamamatsu adapter (developed at UCSF) in addition to the "HamamatsuHam". That adapter will be retired in 1.4.17. It is still included in the OS X version, because HamamatsuHam is not supported on OS X. On Windows, if you have a hardware configuration using Hamamatsu, you will need to create a new hardware configuration using HamamatsuHam.

Before configuring the camera, you will need to download and install a recent version of DCAM-API. Make sure to read and follow the camera-specific instructions in the DCAM-API Compatibility Note provided on the same page.

Make sure you read the DCAM-API Compatibility Notes (available on the website), and in particular follow the instructions for computer power management settings, if it is applicable to your camera.

Click here to search for Hamamatsu on the Micro-Manager mailing list archive.

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