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Micro-Manager 1.4.20 (January 30, 2015)

Windows 32-bit, 60 MB
Windows 64-bit, 62 MB

Mac OS X (Universal Binary), 48 MB
(OS X 10.8 and later: if the application does not open when double-clicked for the first time, try ctrl-click or right click, then select "Open".)

Changes in 1.4.20 (since 1.4.19)

  • Improvements in the main application
    • Include file information in the ImageJ properties for Micro-Manager datasets (Chris Weisiger)
    • Improve saving/remembering window and dialog positions (Nico Stuurman, Jon Daniels)
    • Improve resizing of image display windows (Chris Weisiger)
    • Remove artificial limits on RAM usage on OSX (Mark Tsuchida)
    • Improve the layout of the data processing pipeline dialog (Mark Tsuchida)
  • Bugfixes
    • Snap/live mode
      • Fix a bug causing a time scrollbar to appear in the Snap/Live display (Chris Weisiger)
      • Fix a bug causing Snap/Live display to sometimes hang (Nico Stuurman)
      • Fix a bug causing the first image received in Live mode to be discarded (Mark Tsuchida)
      • Fix poor responsiveness of the UI during Live mode with large images (Mark Tsuchida)
      • Changes to the on-the-fly processors immediately take effect on Live mode (Mark Tsuchida)
      • Ensure that the start/stop Live mode buttons don't get out of sync (Chris Weisiger)
      • Fix memory issues on 32-bit systems (Chris Weisiger)
    • Album
      • Fix a bug causing the Album display to be one image behind (Chris Weisiger)
      • Fix a bug causing snap-to-album with RGB or multichannel images to fail (Chris Weisiger)
    • File data
      • Fix a bug causing files with incomplete display settings to be unloadable (Chris Weisiger)
      • Fix a bug causing multipage TIFF files to be closed prior to all data having finished writing (Henry Pinkard)
      • Fix a race condition causing recently-written images to not be available when using multipage TIFF storage (Mark Tsuchida)
      • Fix an issue that could cause file loads to generate images with null metadata (Chris Weisiger)
    • Miscellaneous
      • Prevent windows from appearing offscreen (Jon Daniels, Chris Weisiger)
      • Prevent a potential hang caused by acquisitions with no defined bit depth (Chris Weisiger)
      • Fix a bug causing histogram scaling to be improperly remembered (Chris Weisiger)
      • Fix a bug causing getPropertyNames() to fail (Karsten Siller, Chris Weisiger)
      • Fix Z-step size information in ImageJ (Jon Daniels, Chris Weisiger)
      • Fix a rare NullPointerException in acquisitions (Nico Stuurman)
      • Fix a rare exception when closing image windows (Mark Tsuchida)
      • Improve responsiveness when changing config presets (Mark Tsuchida)
      • Prevent the program from generating bizarrely wide dialog boxes (Mark Tsuchida)
      • Fix a NullPointerException in DataProcessors when they are added to or removed from the processing queue (Chris Weisiger)
      • Fix rounding of values (e.g. in Device Property Browser) (Mark Tsuchida)
      • Fix a hang when closing dialogs (Nico Stuurman)
      • Fix a crash that could occur when controlling certain Magnifier devices during acquisition (Mark Tsuchida)
      • Better handle failure to load a hardware configuration: prevent spurious errors by giving up after the first error, and unload the partially loaded devices (Mark Tsuchida)
      • Fix crash that could occur when the loading of hub and peripheral devices fails (Mark Tsuchida)
      • Fix a bug that caused a long delay when starting an MDA time series that is performed by streaming from the camera (Mark Tsuchida)
  • Changes in plugins
    • ASIdiSPIM: extensive improvements and bug fixes (Jon Daniels, Nico Stuurman)
    • AcquireMultipleRegions: fix acquisition of non-flat sections (Kurt Thorn)
    • CRISPv2: add LogAmpAGC display (Vik, ASI)
    • Localization Microscopy: various improvements and bug fixes (Nico Stuurman)
    • MultiChannelShading: extensive improvements and bug fixes (Nico Stuurman)
    • PatternOverlay: bug fixes and UI tweaks (Nico Stuurman)
  • New device adapters
    • AndorShamrock Andor Shamrock Spectrograph Series (Andor)
    • Mightex_C_Cam Mightex C-series USB cameras (Mightex)
    • OVP_ECS2 Optic Valley Photonics ECS-2 environmental controller (Jon Daniels, ASI)
    • TriggerScope TriggerScope digital and analog controller (Austin Blanco)
  • Changes in device adapters
    • ASIStage: Add motor control properties for the Z axis; add LogAmpACG property for CRISP (Jon Daniels, ASI)
    • ASITiger: Add support for PLogic card; many other enhancements and fixes (Jon Daniels, ASI)
    • Andor: Add FVB mode; fix ActualInterval when ROI is set; add hardware timestamps when available (Matthew Milford, Andor)
    • Corvus: Add joystick toggle property (Doug Kelly)
    • Ludl: Add preliminary support for multiple controllers (Russell Taylor, Mark Tsuchida)
    • MCCDAQ: Make analog voltage range configurable (Chris Weisiger)
    • MCL_MicroDrive: Fix an issue where velocity was incorrect for multi-axis movement (Greg Sawyer, MCL)
    • Nikon: Add support for TiTIRF shutter (Nico Stuurman)
    • PCO_Camera: Fix issues with ROI setting on startup (Franz Reitner, PCO)
    • PICAM: Fix crash when setting Port property (Mark Tsuchida); Fix EM gain property (Toshio Suzuki)
    • PVCAM: Fix ColorMode property; improve error handling (Lubomir Walder, Photometrics/QImaging)
    • PrecisExcite: Fix issue where invalid configuration file could be generated (Mark Tsuchida)
    • SerialManager: Remove "GetAnswer retry #" logging (Mark Tsuchida)
    • TISCam: Fix a crash (Johannes Schindelin)
    • Tofra: Add a device to control RGB LED as a shutter (Mark Tsuchida)
    • UserDefinedSerial: Fix issue causing errors when more than 10 positions are used with the state device (Mark Tsuchida)
    • VariLC: Fix handling of error responses (Amitabh Verma)
    • Versalase: Add properties to select lasers to shutter individually (David Sweeney, Vortran)
    • Yokogawa CSUX: Add retry logic for setting dichroic (Doug Kelly, Chris Weisiger)
    • Zaber: Improve XY stage support and add uniaxial stage support; improve error handling (Athabasca Witschi, Zaber)
    • ZeissCAN: Add support for AxioPhot PhotoModule (Nico Stuurman)
  • Changes in closed-source device adapters
    • HamamatsuHam: Fix an issue that could result in dropped frames when using external triggering on certain systems. Also fix a crash and a hang that could occur under certain circumstances. (Patrick Gregorio, Hamamatsu)
  • Changes of interest to developers
    • Micro-Manager 1.4.20 is SVN trunk r14990, 3rdpartypublic r173.
    • There is no change in the device programming interface (MMDevice) since 1.4.19.
    • API changes:
      • Add logDebugMessage() method (Mark Tsuchida, Jon Daniels)
      • Add showMessage() method (Nico Stuurman)
      • Add MMWindow.getTaggedImage() method (Nico Stuurman)
      • MMWindow.getNumberOfPositions() no longer always returns 1 (Nico Stuurman)
      • Fix erroneously-defined tags for channel contrast mins/maxes (Chris Weisiger)
      • CMMCore (mmc) methods for hub-peripheral devices now throw exceptions (getInstalledDevices(), getLoadedPeripheralDevices(), getInstalledDeviceDescription()) (Mark Tsuchida)

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