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Micro-Manager 1.4.17 (April 30, 2014)

Windows 32-bit, 55 MB
Windows 64-bit, 57 MB
Mac OS X (Universal Binary), 43 MB

(Note for OS X 10.8 or later: if the application does not open when double-clicked for the first time, try ctrl-click, then select "Open". The 1.4.17 has an issue such that you need to temporarily enable the following setting while opening the application for the first time: System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General > Allow applications downloaded from > Anywhere.)

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Changes in 1.4.17 (since 1.4.16)

  • New in the main application
    • Make Tile Creator ("Create Grid") use the correct stages (Nico Stuurman)
    • Tile Creator "Center Here" button no longer immediately closes the dialog (Chris Weisiger)
    • Fix bug in position list where removing multiple positions could cause the wrong positions to be removed (Chris Weisiger)
    • Plugins menu is now organized into categories, sorted alphabetically, and has improved tooltips (Nico Stuurman, Mark Tsuchida)
    • New "Report Problem" interface (Mark Tsuchida)
    • Script Panel has improved syntax highlighting, line numbers, and code folding (Nico Stuurman)
    • Make "display fps" reflect reality (Nico Stuurman)
    • Fix bug that caused some debug logging entries to be logged even when debug logging is off (Mark Tsuchida)
    • Fix a memory leak that could occur during long sequence acquisitions (Mark Tsuchida)
    • MAC address enumeration issue on Linux is fixed (Erik Hvatum)
    • Add cancel button to splash screen (Nico Stuurman)
    • Various bigfixes and minor enhancements (Nico Stuurman, Henry Pinkard, Arthur Edelstein, Chris Weisiger, Mark Tsuchida)
  • New plugins
    • Acquire Multiple Regions Automatically acquire multiple regions of a sample (Kurt Thorn)
    • AutoLase: Real-time closed-loop control of density of photoactivated molecules during PALM measurement (Thomas Pengo, Seamus Holden)
    • Live Tracking (revived): Use image correlation to countersteer the XY stage (Nico Stuurman, Mark Tsuchida)
    • pgFocus: Control the pgFocus open-source software/hardware focus stabilization device (Karl Bellve)
  • Updated plugins
    • ASIdiSPIM: Numerous enhancements (Jon Daniels, ASI; Nico Stuurman)
    • BFCorrector: Fix handling of 16-bit pixels; marked BFCorrector as obsolete as it is superseded by MultiChannelShading
    • Multi-Channel Shading: Fix crash when defining new groups (Kurt Thorn)
    • Projector: Enhancements to ROI support (Arthur Edelstein)
    • Stage Control: Wait for device to finish movement before updating displayed position (Nico Stuurman)
  • New device adapters
    • CONEX: Newport CONEX-CC DC-Servo Controller (Newport)
    • IIDC: IIDC 1394 cameras (future replacement for dc1394, currently monochrome only) (Mark Tsuchida)
    • MoticCamera (new on OS X): Motic cameras (Motic)
    • ObjectiveImaging: Objective Imaging OASIS controller (Egor Zindy)
    • pgFocus: pgFocus (open-source software/hardware focus stabilization device) (Karl Bellve)
    • PICAM: Princeton Instruments cameras, using the PICAM SDK (Toshio Suzuki)
    • ThorlabsAPTStage: Thorlabs APT family linear stages (a newly extended version of ThorlabsDCStage) (Egor Zindy)
    • ThorlabsMFC1: Thorlabs MFC1 Motorized Microscope Focus Controller (Thomas Zangle)
  • New closed-source device adapters
    • Mosaic3: Andor Mosaic 3 Digital Mirror Device (Arthur Edelstein for Andor)
  • Updated device adapters
    • Andor: Fix actual interval property and error during external trigger; Fix spurious noise filter control (Matthew Milford, Andor)
    • AndorLaserCombiner: Add SaveLifetime and IsLinear properties; allow TTL option in Enable property (Pariksheet Nanda)
    • AndorSDK3: Add support for Auxiliary Out TTL I/O pin; Linux support; various bugfixes (Norman Glasgow, Andor; Erik Hvatum)
    • ASITiger: Add property to reverse axis directions and interchange X and Y; various fixes and minor enhancements (Jon Daniels, ASI)
    • IDS_uEye: Add color support, bit depth selection, and external trigger; improve binning support (Wenjamin Rosenfeld)
    • NikonTE2000: Fix Uniblitz shutter support (Mark Tsuchida)
    • PCO_Camera: Fixed time setting, ROI, and binning issues; tested simultaneous full-fps acquisition with two pco.edge_4.2 using Multi Camera; various bugfixes (Franz Reitner, PCO)
    • PI_GCS_2: Add support for C-865 and E-816 (E-665, E-625, E-621) with firmware < 2.11; added E-709 and C-884 as preconfigured controller; default axis names are now "1" and "2"; fixed hang with C-867.262; other fixes and enhancements (Steffen Rau, Physik Instrumente)
    • Piper: Reinstated (was missing from 1.4.16 due to build compatibility issues); improved handling of property updates (Terry Sprout for Stanford Photonics)
    • PVCAM: Add ExposeOutMode property; support new trigger modes for OptiMos; various fixes; OptiMos users should update to PVCAM (Lubomir Walder, Photometrics)
    • ThorlabsDCStage: See new ThorlabsAPTStage
    • TISCam: Support Y16 mode; add white balance red/blue properties (Falk Dettmer)
    • XCiteLed: Fix issue caused by comma in property name (Mark Tsuchida)
    • XIMEA: Fix bit depth reported by camera (Egor Zindy)
    • XLight: Fixes and enhancements (Enzo Chiarappa, Crestoptics)
    • ZeissCAN: Add StepSize property to XYStage (Nico Stuurman)
    • ZeissCAN29: Add ND filter wheel support; change condenser position limit from 7 to 8 (Nico Stuurman)
  • Updated closed-source device adapters
    • HamamatsuHam: Added support for Defect Correct Mode (Patrick Gregorio, Hamamatsu)
    • NikonTI: No longer crash when loading DiaLamp (remaining bug: config may need to be loaded twice) (Mark Tsuchida)
  • Retired device adapters
    • Hamamatsu on Windows: Please use HamamatsuHam instead
  • Changes to the scripting API
    • createAcquisition() is deprecated (use openAcquisition())
    • getAcquisition(), getAcqDlg(), and getXYPosListDlg() are deprecated
    • getAcqusitionSettings() (sic.) is now getAcquisitionSettings()
    • propmtToSaveAcqusition() (sic.) is now promptToSaveAcquisition()
    • Deleted previously deprecated methods.
  • Changes to the MMCore API
    • Added overloads of getShutterOpen() and setShutterOpen() that take the shutter device label as an argument
    • Three methods now throw CMMError: definePixelSizeConfig() (two overloaded methods), isPixelSizeConfigDefined()
  • Changes to the MMDevice API
    • None
  • Changes of interest to developers
    • Micro-Manager 1.4.17 is SVN r13272, 3rdpartypublic r163
    • The paths from which to load the MMCoreJ_wrap native library and device adapters are now configurable; the default for device adapters is the directory containing the MMCoreJ_wrap or MMCorePy_wrap library (Mark Tsuchida)
    • Fixed loading of MMCoreJ_wrap native library when running on Java 7 on OS X (Mark Tsuchida)
    • Unix build scripts (using GNU build system) have been substantially updated (Mark Tsuchida)
    • Unix 'make install' can create launch script (Mark Tsuchida)
    • MMCorePy built on OS X or Linux is no longer broken (Mark Tsuchida)
    • Mac OS X binaries are now built with Xcode 5.x (previously 3.2) (Mark Tsuchida)
    • Mac OS X binaries no longer contain PowerPC support (Mark Tsuchida)
    • Visual studio 2010 Debug builds of MMCoreJ_wrap.dll should now work on computers that do not have Visual Studio 2008 installed (Mark Tsuchida)
    • Communication over FTDI USB-serial interface now sends 1 USB packet per message, rather than breaking up messages into bytes (Mark Tsuchida)

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