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(Known issues in 1.4.22)
(Micro-Manager 1.4.22 (August 14, 2015))
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== Micro-Manager 1.4.22 (August 14, 2015) ==
== Micro-Manager 1.4.22 (August 14, 2015) ==
Read the [[#Known_issues_in_1.4.22|Known Issues]].
[ Windows 32-bit], 63.4 MB<br />
[ Windows 32-bit], 63.4 MB<br />

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Micro-Manager 1.4.22 (August 14, 2015)

Read the Known Issues.

Windows 32-bit, 63.4 MB
Windows 64-bit, 65.1 MB

Mac OS X (Universal Binary), 54.0 MB
(OS X 10.8 and later: if the application does not open when double-clicked for the first time, try ctrl-click or right click, then select "Open".)

Known issues in 1.4.22

  • If you use AndorSDK3 (Andor sCMOS cameras) and experience a crash upon starting Micro-Manager (or loading a hardware configuration), please upgrade to the 20150820 nightly build (Windows 64-bit, Windows 32-bit)

Changes in 1.4.22 (since 1.4.21)

  • Bugfixes and enhancements in the main application
    • Fix a hang when restarting MDA with data processors installed while Live mode is running (Mark Tsuchida)
    • When adding Z stage devices, the user may now specify the directionality of the stage (whether positive or negative directions move closer to the sample)
    • Fix a bug with storage of user configuration data on Windows 8 and later operating systems (Chris Weisiger)
    • Bugfixes relating to saved data:
      • Fix a minor bug in formatting of metadata in multipage TIFF files (Mark Tsuchida)
      • Fix a bug causing truncation of OME Medatada (Chris Weisiger)
      • Fix a memory leak noticeable when running acquisitions with large position lists (Chris Weisiger)
    • Display bugfixes:
      • Fix a bug causing RGB channels to be swapped when loading files (Chris Weisiger)
      • Fix display of total timepoints in cancelled acquisitions (Chris Weisiger)
    • Fix a bug in behavior of slider controls in European locales (Mark Tsuchida)
    • Fix a NullPointerException when the logfile directory is missing (Mark Tsuchida)
    • Fix a NullPointerException in the Metadata panel (Nico Stuurman)
    • Correctly remember autofocus parameters in preferences (Mark Tsuchida)
    • Enable high-resolution rendering on Macs with Retina Displays
    • Add setting for focus stage coordinate polarity in Hardware Configuration Wizard (Mark Tsuchida)
  • New plugins
    • Mightex Polygon, for controlling the Polygon patterned illuminator devices
  • Updated plugins
    • ASIdiSPIM: numerous bugfixes and improvements (Jon Daniels, Nico Stuurman)
    • Projector: numerous bugfixes and improvements (Jon Daniels, Nico Stuurman)
    • HCS Site Generator
      • Improved acquisition pathing within a well, using a snakelike route (Nico Stuurman)
      • add support for 6- and 12-well plates (Thomas Petebauer, Chris Weisiger)
  • Autofocus plugins
    • Added NullAutofocus, an autofocus method that does nothing, useful in certain complex acquisitions (Mark Tsuchida)
  • New device adapters
    • CNCMicroscope adapters (David Konerding)
      • ArduinoNeoPixel: Adafruit NeoPixel sheild as a shutter
      • RAMPS: RepRap RAMPS/Marlin motor drivers as XY and Z stage
    • Diskovery: Andor Diskovery multi-modal imaging system (Nico Stuurman)
    • Standa8SMC4: An alternative Standa stage adapter using the XIMC motion control library (Eugene Seliverstov)
  • Updated device adapters
    • Andor: Update Andor DLLs; add iXon 888 isolated crop ROIs; support FVB mode; add hardware timestamps on compatible cameras; fix Exposure display (Matthew Milford, Andor)
    • AndorSDK3: Allow fast exposure switching for Snap; allow switching on/off static blemish correction; add shutter control properties (Matthew Milford and Francis McCloy, Andor)
    • AndorShamrock: Add Rayleigh wavelength property; other fixes (Francis McCloy, Andor)
    • ASITiger: Support SetOriginX/Y; updates to scanner and PLogic; hardware sequencing support for piezo (Jon Daniels, ASI)
    • Cobolt: Fix a serial communication issue (Mark Tsuchida)
    • GigECamera: Avoid an error while connecting with some cameras (Mark Tsuchida)
    • IIDC: Add limited/experimental color camera support (Mark Tsuchida)
    • LeicaDMI: Add fixed shutter delay setting (Egor Zindy); fix turret control issues with DMi8 (Mark Tsuchida)
    • Marzhauser: Fix potential serial communication issue (Falk Dettmar, Marzhauser)
    • Mightex_C_Cam: Updates (JT Zheng, Mightex)
    • NI100X (National Instruments): Add support for hardware-triggered sequencing (Chris Weisiger)
    • OpenCVgrabber: update from OpenCV 2.4.8 to 2.4.9 on OS X (Mark Tsuchida)
    • PCO_Camera: Fix issue when using software trigger mode with (Franz Reitner, PCO)
    • PI: Fix serial connection issue with certain controllers (Mark Tsuchida)
    • PICAM: Allow use of multiple cameras (Mark Tsuchida)
    • PVCAM: Fix a crash when enabling Color during Live; fix a possible Snap failure after changing binning and ROI; prevent timeout with slow cameras (Photometrics)
    • Prior: Fix a communication issue with certain controllers (Mark Tsuchida)
    • Sapphire: Fix a serial communication issue (Mark Tsuchida)
    • SpectralLMM5: Add FLICR (PWM) and fiber output selection support (Nico Stuurman)
    • StandaStage: Disable limit switch setting causing issues with some setups (Ed Simmons)
    • SutterLambda: Add setting for filter wheel timeout (Nico Stuurman)
    • XIMEA: Fix crash upon Snap; use camera timestamp resetting only for applicable cameras; add missing GPO port modes for MU USB2 (Marian Zajko, XIMEA)
    • Yokogawa CSU22, CSUX, CSUW1: Fix a possible hang; speed no longer a state device (Pariksheet Nanda)
    • ZeissCAN: Fix problem while disconnecting when connected by USB (Nico Stuurman)
  • New closed-source device adapters
    • MightexPolygon: Mightex Polygon multiwavelength patterned illuminators (Mightex)
  • Updated closed-source device adapters
    • HamamatsuHam: Fix ROI coordinates when binning enabled (Nico Stuurman)
    • Olympus: Fix Focus Sensitivity setting (Mark Tsuchida)
    • OlympusIX83: Prevent reporting incorrect stage position immediately after move (Mark Tsuchida)
    • RaptorEPIX: Add support for OWL640, Ninox and Eagle cameras (David Biggs)
  • Changes of interest to developers
    • Micro-Manager 1.4.22 is SVN trunk r15693, 3rdparty r176.
    • All but a few of the Java dependency JARs are now fetched from Maven repositories using Ivy, rather than using the copy in 3rdpartypublic/classext (Mark Tsuchida)
    • Add an unregisterForEvents() method to the gui (ScriptInterface) API (Henry Pinkard)
    • MMCore API changes
      • Add methods setOriginX(), setOriginY() for XY stages that allow zeroing X and Y independently (Mark Tsuchida)
      • The home() and stop() method now also work with Z/focus stages (where supported) (Mark Tsuchida)
      • Add methods setFocusDirection(), getFocusDirection(), allowing to store and retrieve focus stage coorinate polarity where known. Explicitly set values are recorded in hardware configuration file (Mark Tsuchida)
      • Add methods getGalvoXMinimum(), getGalvoYMinimum() (Nico Stuurman)
    • MMDevice interface changes
      • Add optional methods to set X and Y origin separately for XY stages (SetXOrigin() and SetYOrigin()) (Mark Tsuchida)
      • Add optional Home() and Stop() methods to Z/focus stages (Mark Tsuchida)
      • Add optional GetFocusDirection() to Z/focus stages (Mark Tsuchida)
      • Add GetXMinimum(), GetYMinimum() methods to galvo device (Nico Stuurman)
      • The HubID property is now read-only (Nico Stuurman)
  • Miscellaneous
    • Added a MATLAB script, StartMMStudio.m that configures and starts MMStudio (Windows only) (Mark Tsuchida)

(Previous releases)

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