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Summary:Interfaces to firewire cameras that adhere to the IIDC1394 specifications
Author:Nico Stuurman, with contributions from Gregory Jefferis
Platforms:Linux, Mac OS X (anywhere libdc1394 [1] functions)
Devices:Firewire cameras that adhere to the IIDC specs[2]
Example Config File:Simple config: Media:MMConfig_Firewire.cfg, config for Sony XCD (includes integrations presets): Media:MMConfig_Firewire_Sony.cfg

This adapter is an interface to the libdc1394 library [3] (included), which interfaces to firewire cameras that adhere to the IIDC specifications [4]. Damien Douxchamps maintains a list [5] of compatible cameras.

The adapter was developed using an Apple iSight camera and a Sony XCD-700, so these will likely work decently whereas your mileage might varywith other cameras. Gregory Jefferis put some work in to make this work with Format 7 cameras (the most powerful video mode format supported by the standard), but I am not exactly sure where that stands.

Many of the IIDC-compatible cameras do not allow you to set an exposure time expressed in msec. Therefore, the 'shutter' function is being used, the number of which relates in a camera specific way to exposure time. A more elegant solution would be great!

Color images (like those from the Apple iSight) are converted to gray-scale images within the adapter (useful until the day that Micro-Manager starts supporting color cameras).

The adapter also implements a software integration feature, which can be useful to improve signal/noise for noisy 8-bit cameras (when integrating the adapter will return a 16-bit image resulting from adding the specified number of consecutive 8-bit images).

The adapter was developed on Mac OS X but was reported to work on linux as well. libdc1394 is currently being ported to Windows [6], so one day we might implement this adapter on Windows as well.

There is a lot of work that can be done on the adapter to make it auto-detect capabilities of different cameras, switch on and off auto-capabilities of the cameras, etc.. However, it seems useful in many cases already.

--Nico 10:53, 25 August 2007 (PDT)

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