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Data Translation adapter

Summary:Controls Data Translation digital IO boards
Author:Nenad Amodaj
License:BSD License
Platforms:Windows only
Example Config File:Media:MMConfig_DTOL.cfg

This adapter interfaces to Data Translation ([1]) digital IO boards. It controls both TTLs and DAQ output (2-channels max). The TTLs can also be treated as shutters. It uses the Data Translation SDK and is therefore limited to the Windows platform only.

TTLs are set using a single 8-bit word, where 1 opens TTL1, 2 opens TTL2, 4 opens TTL3, 8 opens TTL4, etc.. When you replace these values with things that make sense to you (for instance, ' 488 nm'), make sure to prepend the value with a space, or otherwise it will not appear in the top of the list of choices in the drop-down menu in the MM UI.

--Nico 11:22, 25 August 2007 (PDT)

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