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Micro-Manager is being developed by Arthur Edelstein, Karl Hoover and Nico Stuurman in the laboratory of Ron Vale at the University of California San Francisco. Initial software development and architecture was by Nenad Amodaj. Major contributions to the source code have been made by 100xImaging. Many companies and individuals have contributed code for device control, including ABS Cameras, ASI, Andor, Mad City Labs, Physik Instrumente, Stanford Photonics, PCO, QImaging, Karl Bellve, Peter Topor, Ji Yu, Brian Ashcroft, Jeffrey Kuhn, and Roy Wollman. The project was initially funded by grants from the Sandler Foundation and is now supported by a grant from the NIH.

Micro-Manager is built by extensively using other open source components and applications:

Especially important precursor contributions for our project are from Wayne Rasband (ImageJ) and from Joachim Walter for his Image5D plugin which we extended and used for the multi-dimensional acquisition display.

Development of Micro-Manager has only been possible thanks to the endurance of our early beta-testers, i.e. several members of the Vale lab (Eric Griffis, Andrew Carter, Goghta Goshima and others). Many thanks to Kurt Thorn and the Nikon Imaging Center at UCSF for help, testing, great ideas and suggestions. We are grateful for support (in the form of documentation, information, and/or use of equipment) from many microscope hardware vendors, including ASI, Andor, DVC, Stanford Photonics, Hamamatsu, Prior, Solamer, Nikon, and Zeiss.

And of course, many thanks Ron for making it all happen.

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