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Building and debugging Micro-Manager source code

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  • Using Netbeans - to compile and debug the Micro-Manager Java layer.
  • Using Eclipse - to compile and debug the Micro-Manager Java layer.


Mac OS X and Linux

Mac OS X


The following DeviceAdapters require dependencies to run on GNU/Linux, some of which are packaged:

DeviceAdapter Dependency License Community Package? Downloadable?
Andor Andor SDK 2  ? (binary library),
GPL-3 (PCI driver)
Shell script Registration required
AndorSDK3 Andor SDK 3  ? (binary library),
 ? (modified BitFlow library)
Shell script Registration required
dc1394 libdc1394 LGPL-2.1 Yes Yes
GPhoto gphoto2 GPL-2 Yes Yes
IDS_uEye IDS 4.30  ? .run installer Registration required
OpenCVgrabber opencv BSD Yes Yes
PrincetonInstruments libvpcam-  ? (binary library) Shell script Yes
PVCAM libpvcam-  ? (binary library),
GPL-2 (USB-2 driver),
GPL-2 (PCI driver)
Yes (USB),
Shell script (PCI)
RaptorEPIX  ? (XCLIB or XCAP)  ? (XCLIB "requires ID code") .bin installer Yes
SpotCamera SPOT SDK  ?  ? By request
Video4Linux v4l2 Kernel driver GPL-2 N/A N/A
ITC18 ITC Driver  ?  ? By request
K8055 libk8055 GPL-2 Source tarball only Not officially supported?
MCCDAQ Unofficial PCI and USB HID,
Official DAQFlex USB driver
GPL-2 (Unofficial),
DAQFlex EULA (Official)
Source tarball (Unofficial),
Source tarball (Official)
Yes (Unofficial),
Yes (Official)
MaestroServo UscCmd  ? Commandline utility Yes


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