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Building Boost on MacOS X

Revision as of 15:22, 17 November 2009 by Karlh (Talk | contribs)

As of this writing, MM is using the Boost 1.40 release. There are reasonably complete instructions here: But here is what I recommend:

0. Download Boost and place it in your usual third party working directory as follows: (for example)


1. Start a terminal session, if this directory is not already a subversion working copy, issue the following command

       svn co -N .

2. Create a text file called externals_value.definition

3. In that text file put exactly this key + URL:


4. In order to create an uncomitted 'externals' definition in your working directory, type exactly the following command

        svn propset svn:externals . -F externals_value.definition

5. Still in the 3rdparty directory issue:

        svn up

6. After boost has been downloaded, to build the bjam tool, in the 3rdparty/boost directory issue:


7. Ensure that you've got write access to /usr/local. Then after the bjam.exe tool is built issue:


8. The result should be a set of headers in /usr/local/include/boost and a set of libraries in /usr/local/lib/boost

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