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Summary: Control of Basler cameras

Author: Felix Asche, Basler AG

Platforms: Windows / Linux

License: TBD

Devices: Basler cameras that are supported by pylon SDK

Supported features: Binning, DeviceLinkThroughputLimit, ExposureAuto, ExternalTrigger, Gain, GainAuto, LightSourcePreset, Offset, PixelType, Shuttermode


- Basler adapter is available from micro-manager 1.4.23

- Drivers from Basler are required. pylon SDK can be downloaded from the Basler website. Please use the latest version for maximum functionality.

- For Linux use please extract pylon SDK under /opt/pylon5.

- If several cameras are connected the first accessible camera per instance will be addressed.

- Issues like lost frames may arise due to insufficient hardware capacity. Please reduce "DeviceLinkThroughputLimit" (GigE: increase "InterPacketDelay") in this case.

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