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Summary: Control the BD Pathway 435 and 855 through Micro-Manager.
Authors: Egor Zindy
Maintainers: Egor Zindy
License: BSD
Platforms: Windows (tested on Windows 10 64 bit, but should work with Linux/MacOS)


The BDPathway adapter was released in the hope that these old beasts (BD Pathway 435 and BD Pathway 855) could have a second life through the use of Micro-Manager for image acquisition and CellProfiler / CellProfiler Analyst for image processing and data analysis.

(Some of) the serial commands have been painstakingly reversed engineered by analysing serial traffic between AttoVision and the BD Pathways using portmon.exe. As a result, the filterwheels, shutters, transmitted light, door, spinning disk, XY and Z stages can all be controlled through Micro-Manager.

On the 855, the liquid handling instructions are also mostly understood but this isn't something which we could setup through Micro-manager (yet).

However, and that is the next big issue to solve, the autofocus (controlled by a National Instrument PCI-6221 card) has not yet been reversed-engineered. This also means we do not know whether the PCI card is actually necessary or whether it could simply be replaced by an Arduino.

For this reason (and for the lack of 3rd party testing / debugging), this adapter is very much marked as work in progress.

Issues and progress will be documented over at [[1]]


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