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Summary:Interfaces with Andor cameras
Author:Nenad Amodaj, with contributions from Jizhen Zhao and Daigang Wen. Maintenance and further development taken over by Daigang Wen (Andor) as of September 2007
Platforms:Windows only (No Mac driver available, it might be possible to build this on Linux)
Devices:Andor cameras: IXon, Luca-S and Luca-R
Example Config File:Media:MMConfig_andor.cfg

Andor has greatly reworked this adapter (as of Micro-Manager version 1.1.44) and tested the adapter with iXon+ EMCCD range and the Luca-S/Luca-R USB2.0 EMCCD cameras. They have also added support for the 'traditional' (non-EM) read-out mode of iXon+, as well as for iCam features across the cameras, which allows for much more rapid switching of exposure times than previously possible. More information on iCam features can be found: To use the iCam features, you may need to upgrade the firmware of your camera and the PCI card. Information on how to do this can be found at

This adapter of previous versions defines two devices: the actual camera (Ixon+) and the shutter in front of the camera (IxonShutter). The shutter device is now depreciated and there is no need to define it in your configuration file. The shutter can now be controlled as a property of the camera. For any normal work you likely will want to open the shutter on startup and possibly close it again on program shutdown, this is most easily accomplished by setting this property in the 'System'-'Startup' and 'System'-'Shutdown' configuration groups.

The adapter needs to know the location of the Andor driver if the camera in use is relatively old, such as Front Illuminated. Type in the full path to the Andor directory (default: C:\Program Files\Andor) in the Hardware configuration wizard.

The offset in the Ixon+ camera only rises higher than 0 when the temperature is lower than -50C (I am not sure if this is the case for all cameras), so make sure that the temperature of the camera (a read-only property that can be seen in the device/property browser) is below -50C (or preferably at -70C or lower).

Other software packages take care to bring up the temperature of the camera gradually after shutting down the software. We have been told by Andor that this is not necessary.

This camera has two ‘gains’, EM gain and Pre-Amp gain. EM gain is currently called 'gain', as opposed to 'Pre-Amplifier-Gain'.

--Nico 22:50, 20 December 2007 (PDT)

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