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ASI Tiger

Summary:For TG-1000 "Tiger" controller hub, providing access to various supported cards
Author:Jon Daniels (jon at
Platforms:All platforms (uses serial port)
Devices:XYStage, ZStage (motorized linear stage), Piezo, FWheel (FW-1000 filterwheel), FSlider (filter slider), Micromirror
Example Config File:None

If you run into problems please contact the author at the address above.

NB: there is a separate device adapter, ASIStage, for stand-alone MS-2000 controllers or older rack-mount controllers.

For TG-1000 systems the build-in USB connection is actually a USB to serial converter. You can find drivers for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux at the Silicon labs website. This is the same as used for recent ASI 'WK' or 'Whizkid' controllers.


Property Notes

  • SerialCommand: By default the command is sent only sent when a change is made; to resend same command you can add a space; change the property "OnlySendSerialCommandOnChange" property to "No" to change this behavior. This is due to the behavior of Micro-manager often refreshing the property values which can cause the command to be sent multiple times.

Known limitations

  • CRISP supported was added 25-Sep-2013. Use requires both a Micro-manager build and card firmware after that date.
  • LED illuminator support was added 20-May-2014. Use requires both a Micro-manager build and card firmware after that date.
  • TTL-triggered piezo sequences are not yet supported, but will be added upon request (contact the author).


Contact the author at (remove the last part of the email address).

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