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ASI Stage

Summary:Controls ASI XY, Z stages and CRIF
Author:Jizhen Zhao, based on Nenad Amodaj's Prior adapter. CRIF by Nico Stuurman
Platforms:All platforms (uses serial port)
Devices:XYStage, ZStage, CRIF
Example Config File:None

Controls ASI's [1] XY, Z stages and their reflection based CRIF autofocussing unit. Each device (XY stage, Z stage and CRIF) need to be assigned to a serial port (even though all devices might actually be attached to one and the same controller and this controller is attached to the PC through a serial cable).

The logic of the CRIF is a bit funky. The CRIF [2] cycles through a number of states (laser idle, laser on, calibrate, lock/unlock, laser off) by pressing the middle button on the controller for 6 seconds (see the CRIF manual [3]). Some of these state changes are implemented in the CRIF adapter. In general, it is best to first calibrate the CRIF by hand and then let the software lock and unlock the CRIF.

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