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Building MM on Windows

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====Required open source libraries==== (See the “Building the full source in one step” section below as a faster alternative before downloading each of these separately.) In addition to software tools you will need to install the following software packages in the <root>/projects/3rdparty directory: * SWIG (using version 2.0.0 as of 8/2/2011). Place it in “<root>/projects/3rdparty/swig” subdirectory (Download from http://www.swig.org/download.html -> all releases, extract to <root>/projects/3rdparty and install with swig.exe.) * The INPOUT32 library. Place it in “<root>/projects/3rdparty/inpout32” subdirectory. (Download from http://www.logix4u.net/, extract, and build the library files. After building the inpout32 project you need to copy the inpout32.dll to <root>/micromanager1.4/bin, because this dll is required at run-time.) * Boost 1.42. Download Boost and place it in the “<root>/projects/3rdparty/boost” subdirectory. The easy way to do this is as follows: 1. In a command prompt, create and then cd to <root>/projects/3rdparty/boost, if this directory is not already a subversion working copy, issue the following command (assuming you’ve got subversion in your command path): svn co http://svn.boost.org/svn/boost/tags/release/Boost_1_42_0/ . 2. After boost has been downloaded, to build the bjam tool, in the <root>/projects/3rdparty/boost directory issue: bootstrap On Windows 7 64-bit this may fail with a message in bjam.log: ERROR: Cannot determine the location of the VS Common Tools folder. This can happen if `reg’ is not found, so add C:\Windows\SysWOW64 to your PATH 3. After the bjam.exe tool is built, issue: .\bjam –build-type=complete This step will take a while so go make yourself a cup of tea ;) 4. The result will be a set of libraries with the library type and threading model encoded in the library name, all headers will be in <root>\projects\3rdparty\boost\boost and the libraries will be in <root>\projects\3rdparty\boost\stage\lib Tim D. Smith 18:51, 1 December 2012 (PST)