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MM::XYStage Class Referenceabstract

#include <MMDevice.h>

Inheritance diagram for MM::XYStage:
MM::Device CDeviceBase< MM::XYStage, U > CXYStageBase< U >

Public Member Functions

virtual DeviceType GetType () const
virtual int SetPositionUm (double x, double y)=0
virtual int SetRelativePositionUm (double dx, double dy)=0
virtual int SetAdapterOriginUm (double x, double y)=0
virtual int GetPositionUm (double &x, double &y)=0
virtual int GetLimitsUm (double &xMin, double &xMax, double &yMin, double &yMax)=0
virtual int Move (double vx, double vy)=0
virtual int SetPositionSteps (long x, long y)=0
virtual int GetPositionSteps (long &x, long &y)=0
virtual int SetRelativePositionSteps (long x, long y)=0
virtual int Home ()=0
virtual int Stop ()=0
virtual int SetOrigin ()=0
virtual int SetXOrigin ()=0
virtual int SetYOrigin ()=0
virtual int GetStepLimits (long &xMin, long &xMax, long &yMin, long &yMax)=0
virtual double GetStepSizeXUm ()=0
virtual double GetStepSizeYUm ()=0
virtual int IsXYStageSequenceable (bool &isSequenceable) const =0
virtual int GetXYStageSequenceMaxLength (long &nrEvents) const =0
virtual int StartXYStageSequence ()=0
virtual int StopXYStageSequence ()=0
virtual int ClearXYStageSequence ()=0
virtual int AddToXYStageSequence (double positionX, double positionY)=0
virtual int SendXYStageSequence ()=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from MM::Device
virtual unsigned GetNumberOfProperties () const =0
virtual int GetProperty (const char *name, char *value) const =0
virtual int SetProperty (const char *name, const char *value)=0
virtual bool HasProperty (const char *name) const =0
virtual bool GetPropertyName (unsigned idx, char *name) const =0
virtual int GetPropertyReadOnly (const char *name, bool &readOnly) const =0
virtual int GetPropertyInitStatus (const char *name, bool &preInit) const =0
virtual int HasPropertyLimits (const char *name, bool &hasLimits) const =0
virtual int GetPropertyLowerLimit (const char *name, double &lowLimit) const =0
virtual int GetPropertyUpperLimit (const char *name, double &hiLimit) const =0
virtual int GetPropertyType (const char *name, MM::PropertyType &pt) const =0
virtual unsigned GetNumberOfPropertyValues (const char *propertyName) const =0
virtual bool GetPropertyValueAt (const char *propertyName, unsigned index, char *value) const =0
virtual int IsPropertySequenceable (const char *name, bool &isSequenceable) const =0
virtual int GetPropertySequenceMaxLength (const char *propertyName, long &nrEvents) const =0
virtual int StartPropertySequence (const char *propertyName)=0
virtual int StopPropertySequence (const char *propertyName)=0
virtual int ClearPropertySequence (const char *propertyName)=0
virtual int AddToPropertySequence (const char *propertyName, const char *value)=0
virtual int SendPropertySequence (const char *propertyName)=0
virtual bool GetErrorText (int errorCode, char *errMessage) const =0
virtual bool Busy ()=0
virtual double GetDelayMs () const =0
virtual void SetDelayMs (double delay)=0
virtual bool UsesDelay ()=0
virtual HDEVMODULE GetModuleHandle () const =0
virtual void SetModuleHandle (HDEVMODULE hLibraryHandle)=0
virtual void SetLabel (const char *label)=0
virtual void GetLabel (char *name) const =0
virtual void SetModuleName (const char *moduleName)=0
virtual void GetModuleName (char *moduleName) const =0
virtual void SetDescription (const char *description)=0
virtual void GetDescription (char *description) const =0
virtual int Initialize ()=0
virtual int Shutdown ()=0
virtual void GetName (char *name) const =0
virtual void SetCallback (Core *callback)=0
virtual bool SupportsDeviceDetection (void)=0
virtual MM::DeviceDetectionStatus DetectDevice (void)=0
virtual void SetParentID (const char *parentId)=0
virtual void GetParentID (char *parentID) const =0

Static Public Attributes

static const DeviceType Type = XYStageDevice

Detailed Description

Dual axis stage API

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddToXYStageSequence()

virtual int MM::XYStage::AddToXYStageSequence ( double  positionX,
double  positionY 
pure virtual

Add one value to the sequence

Implemented in CXYStageBase< U >.

◆ ClearXYStageSequence()

virtual int MM::XYStage::ClearXYStageSequence ( )
pure virtual

Remove all values in the sequence

Implemented in CXYStageBase< U >.

◆ IsXYStageSequenceable()

virtual int MM::XYStage::IsXYStageSequenceable ( bool &  isSequenceable) const
pure virtual

Returns whether a stage can be sequenced (synchronized by TTLs) If returning true, then an XYStage class should also inherit the SequenceableXYStage class and implement its methods.

◆ SendXYStageSequence()

virtual int MM::XYStage::SendXYStageSequence ( )
pure virtual

Signal that we are done sending sequence values so that the adapter can send the whole sequence to the device

Implemented in CXYStageBase< U >.

◆ SetOrigin()

virtual int MM::XYStage::SetOrigin ( )
pure virtual

Define the current position as the (hardware) origin (0, 0).

◆ SetXOrigin()

virtual int MM::XYStage::SetXOrigin ( )
pure virtual

Define the current position as X = 0 (in hardware if possible). Do not alter the Y coordinates.

Implemented in CXYStageBase< U >.

◆ SetYOrigin()

virtual int MM::XYStage::SetYOrigin ( )
pure virtual

Define the current position as Y = 0 (in hardware if possible) Do not alter the X coordinates.

Implemented in CXYStageBase< U >.

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